The Lodge of St. Blaise No. 6113


The Lodge of St. Blaise No. 6113 was constituted in 1945 under charter from The United Grand Lodge of England.

We meet every 2nd Wednesday in January, February, March, October, November and December, usually at 6pm.

Our regular meetings are held at Sutton Coldfield Masonic Hall, Mill Street, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B72 1TJ


We also meet at that Masonic Hall for our Lodge of Instruction and Officers' Meetings.

Those meetings are on the 3rd Thursday in January, February, September, October and November, at 7pm.


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Blaise, or Blasius, was Bishop of Sebaste, in Armenia in Asia Minor, and was martyred in 316 AD during the reign of the Roman Emperor Licinius. Legend has it that he was torn with Woolcombers' irons before execution and this is possibly the reason for his becoming the Patron Saint of Woolcombers.  He is also the Patron Saint of those with sore throats owing to a legend that he saved a boy from dying after the boy had a fish bone caught in his throat.  Saint Blaise was said to have marvellous powers of healing.  The feast of Saint Blaise is 3rd February.  The Chapel of St Blaise was one of the early places of worship in Sutton Coldfield and was situated in the precincts of Manor House on Manor Hill.  It continued until the 16th Century.  It was at the Chapel of St Blaise that John Harman, later Bishop Vesey, received his first preferment.  Vesey Lodge No. 4473, which was constituted in 1922, sponsored The Lodge of St Blaise No 6113.